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About Divergence

Divergence Vocal Theater is an ensemble of performer-creators, cultivating our art adventure-to-adventure. What does that mean?: If an opera company were a rock band, we'd be it. The performance work here is made by a small conspiracy of professional opera and classical music singers, instrumentalists, theatrical designers, theater and dance artists, composers, writers, and media artists (translation: my friends and I do some really cool stuff). Check out all of my goings on here! — Misha

Collaborators past and present: Dominck DiOrio, Elliot Cole, James D. Norman, George Heathco, Kyle Evans, Meredith Harris, Meg Brooker, Natasha Manley, Megan Reilly, Frank Vela, Sarah Mosher, Serret Jensen, Jeremy Wood, Stephen Jones, Shelley Auer, Alison Greene, Lisa Borik, Toni Leago Valle, John Harvey, Michael Walsh, Jon Harvey, Miranda Carol Aston, Kelley Switzer, David A. Brown, Jeremy Choate, Kris Phelps.

Divergence Vocal Theater has sought counsel and creative support from some of Houston’s finest musicians, arts organizations, and business people. We count among our advisors professionals and friends at Houston Grand Opera, Eastman School of Music, Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music, University of Houston’s Moores School of Music, University of Texas Austin, and Houston’s renowned energy sector business entrepreneurs.

Houston, TX 77008

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